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Phillip Kirk: Judge Calls Him ‘Deluded’

Posted: July 21, 2015 Kirk pedophile letter

Phillip Kirk, a 22-year-old convicted sex offender from the England city of York, had a problem. Police kept watching him and putting him in jail all because he just happens to be strongly attracted to little kids. So he came up with a brilliant solution. He wrote a letter to a top British politician, pleading with her to legalize the practice of adults having sexual relations with children.

Kirk even opened his letter to United Kingdom Home Secretary Theresa May by telling the top government official, “I have been a pedophile since the age of 13 and openly a pedophile for the last three years.”

Needless to say, his letter didn’t go over too well. Neither did the fact that, just days after being freed from prison on an earlier sex offense, even with police keeping him under close surveillance, he went ahead and downloaded more than 1,000 images of nauseating child pornography from the internet.

And that wasn’t even the scariest thing he did.

Phillip Kirk was first arrested in 2012 and sent to prison for breaking into a school and stealing girl’s gym clothes, as well for keeping child porn on his computer. He was released on November 14 of last year — and on December 5, police busted Kirk again.

This time, in addition to finding file after file of horrifyingly graphic child porn on his various digital storage devices, they also found that Kirk was researching cases of child murder. And even more chillingly, they found evidence that he may have been planning to act on his demented fantasies — researching local Girl Scout groups, as well as how to buy police uniforms online.

Prosecutors also said that Kirk possessed what they described as a sex toy made from children’s clothes — though perhaps mercifully, they didn’t get any more specific than that.

The prospect of what Kirk might have done by impersonating a police officer and tracking down young girls left York Judge Stephen Ashurst shaken.

“Yours is an extremely disturbing case. I must address the danger you pose to the public in general and to children in general,” the judge told Kirk, sending him back to prison for four more years plus another four of strictly supervised probation. He also required Kirk to register as sex offender for the rest of his life and prohibited him from ever going near kids under age 16.

The judge also described Kirk’s bizarre letter to one of the country’s top political leaders “a deluded and dangerous plea to decriminalize sex with children.”

“Phillip Kirk is one of the most dangerous individuals I am aware of,” Yorkshire cop Shaun Page, one of the detectives who helped bust Kirk, told the court.

The Phillip Kirk case comes about a month after another convicted English pedophile, Nigel Dalton, complained that conditions in his prison were not up to hotel standards.

Kirk’s defense lawyer said that Kirk needed serious psychiatric help. He told the court that Kirk suffered from an “autistic spectrum disorder” and was taking so many antidepressant drugs that he couldn’t take any more without overdosing.

Phillip Kirk will take “a great deal of work,” the lawyer said, to stop him from ever pursuing his sick urges once he is out of prison again.

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