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Edmonton beheading trial: Chilling CCTV shows killer Nicholas Salvador going on rampage after butchering gran


Nicholas Salvador, 25, hacked 82 year-old Italian cafe owner Palmira Silva to death with a machete in Edmonton, north London
Metropolitan Police: Nicholas Salvador attack CCTV

This is the chilling moment Edmonton killer Nicholas Salvador rampaged through gardens moments after beheading an innocent great-grandmother.

Nicholas Salvador, 25, had to be Tasered six times by police after hacking 82 year-old Italian cafe owner Palmira Silva to death with a machete.

Footage released by the Metropolitan Police shows Mrs Silva still lying on the ground as a crazed Salvador breaks fences and approaches a garden where kids are playing.

The CCTV footage from the cafe in Edmonton, north London, was captured just before 10.41am on Thursday.
It shows 25-year-old Salvador walking into the cafe and ordering food before sitting at a table by the shop front in a baggy white T-shirt.

He sat eating for less than five minutes before getting up and walking out, apparently without paying.
A member of cafe staff then went to the door and the footage appears to show him returning to settle the bill.
Waitress Hayley Kaya, 27, told The Sun Salvador had 'looked as if his mind was somewhere else' but added: 'At the time I served him he just seemed like a normal customer.'
The cafe's owner Ismail Topaloglu, 44, added Salvador had been a customer for around four years.

As the family played outside, a police officer at the front of the property jumped onto their garage to order them to go inside their home .

Officers can then be seen evacuating the children through a window to get them to safety.

Salvador, who was staying with a 'host family' three doors away from the victim, was mentally ill at the time of the killing and believed in demons and 'shapeshifters'.

At around 1pm on 4 September last year he armed himself with a wooden pole and a large knife at his home in Nightingale Road, Edmonton, north London.

Salvador moved through two back gardens before kicking down the door of a property, only to emerge and attack a car contains two members of his host family.
Rampage: Nicholas Salvador approaches victims on Nightingale Road

He then jumped over a wall into Mrs Silva's back garden and repeatedly stabbed her with a machete before cutting her head off.

On the CCTV played to the court an officer could be heard to say: "He's agitated and lethal ... he needs taking out."

Police on the ground could then be seen swooping to save the kids - with officers in a force helicopter telling them, "we need units inside the premises to save life ASAP".

Salvador was found not guilty of murder at The Old Bailey on the grounds of insanity. A jury took 41 minutes to reach its decision.

The killer will be detained indefinitely under the Mental Health Act.
Unwell: Nicholas Salvador was found not guilty of murder on grounds of insanity

The skunk cannabis smoker had lost his job in billboard advertising three days before the killing over concern about his behaviour.

Bernard Richmond QC, for Salvador, said: "It is one of the bitter ironies of this case that Mrs Silva was probably the least evil person you could think of and it is noticeable that throughout this trial her family ... have conducted themselves with a quiet dignity which is a tribute to both themselves and Mrs Silva.

"It is plain also that when he is not unwell Mr Salvador is somebody regarded as a decent man."
Victim: Palmira Silva was beheaded in her back garden

Jonathan Rees, prosecuting, had previously told the court: "The defendant tore down the fence between the rear gardens and an annex.

"While he was doing that a father and his two young sons were playing in the back garden of [their home] the defendant entered the annex by the back door which was already open."

Mrs Silva's family said they had been left 'drained' and 'devastated' by the murder and that their lives have been "torn apart".

A victim impact statement by Mrs Silva's daughter Celestina Muis, read to the court, said: "This event has impacted on us as a family and also individually.
Tributes: Tributes gathered outside one of the London snack bars which had been run by the 82-year-old
Her daughter Celestina, 49, told the Daily Mail: ‘It’s just the most horrendous thing to do to another human being. We simply can’t make any sense of it.
'She knew the area was changing but she was determined to stay. It seems such a dreadful, senseless waste.'

"The way in which she died has had a devastating effect on us all.

"It's difficult to come to terms with what happened that day. We as a family no longer feel safe and secure."

"Our lives have been torn apart knowing what has happened to our mother.

"Good people have been turned into nervous, angry individuals and struggle to get through the week like they used to."

One of the first police officers on the scene spoke of the 'utter terror' he faced as he feared the playing children would be murdered by knife-wielding Salvador.

Inspector Doug Skinner said: "I knew that Salvador was armed, had already killed and that many people were in immediate danger.

"Nothing can fully prepare you for that type of call or the scene we encountered.

“I immediately requested an unmarked car to move in close and track his movements.

"We decided we would have to remove residents before Salvador killed someone else.

"The helicopter constantly tracked Salvador jumping fences and they’d also spotted children playing in nearby gardens.

"We genuinely thought he would kill those children and we were filled with utter terror."

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