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22:37, 17 JUNE 2015 BY JEFF PARSONS

Would YOU eat this nightmarish all-red burger? Burger King is selling bizarre bun in Japan

The strange-looking delicacy is called the Aka Samurai burger. Tasty!

Burger King Japan Burger King is bringing nightmarish all-red burgers to JapanBurger King is bringing nightmarish all-red burgers to Japan
How would you feel about chomping down on this grisly all-red burger?

That's exactly what punters in Japan must be asking themselves after Burger King revealed the blood-red bun there this week.

Called the Aka Samurai burger, the fast food chain has used tomato paste to turn the bun and cheese a vibrant shade of red.

It'll cost around £2.80 for the burger but there's no word on how long it will remain available.

This isn't the first time Burger King has experimented with the colour of its food. Last year the restaurant produced a black burger that was coloured using squid ink.

It doesn't look hugely appealing to us - but at least the colour will camouflage the amount of ketchup we'd be adding.

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