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Wife, 36, leaves husband to marry his 74-year-old DAD who had been living with them

Jason had become suspicious of his wife, but he never expected this would happen Harwood: The 74-year-old dad is marrying his son's ex-wife who is almost 40 years younger than him

A 36-year-old woman has left her husband to marry his 74-year-old father - who lived with the now-divorced couple while they were together.

Liza Goddard, from Grimsby, broke it off with hubby Jason Harwood, 35, in 2003 after their eight-month marriage broke down.

But she is now set to return to Jason's life as his stepmum after deciding to wed his father John, who is almost 40 years older than her.

Jason had lived with Liza in his pensioner father's bedsit in Slough, Berkshire.

Since parting, Liza has been having a secret affair with John, and she's even warned unemployed Jason: "You'd better get used to the idea of me being your stepmum."
A future stepmum: Liza is marrying her former hubby's dad

Jason told The Sun: "She is going from my ex-wife to my stepmum. What they are doing is wrong."

The 74-year-old dad has even made his engagement official on Facebook, drawing shock from Jason's wider friends and family.

And his mum Sharon, 54, who has three other children with John, said she was disgusted.

She added: "John has never been any good. He has never been a father to his kids and he has been a dreadful grandfather. Liza has even been bragging that she is going to be grandma to my kids. It's horrible."
Sickened: Jason Harwood has told how his 74-year-old dad is marrying his wife

Jason had long suspected that the pair were up to something.

He told how he once went to purchase his wife a milkshake, but forgot what flavour Liza had asked for.

Jason claims that upon returning to the house to check, he found her in bed wearing no underwear and his dad sat in a chair nearby with his fly undone.

When he got fed up after moving to a different house, he kicked his father out - but Liza left soon afterwards, and they divorced in 2003.

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