BUZZ Prince Harry meeting Melania and making devil hand sign

Adereti - 26 September 2017, 15:02

VIDEO. People are convinced Prince Harry made the sign of the devil while meeting Melania Trump
All eyes were on the Prince as he launched the 2017 Invictus Games in Toronto

VIDEO. Prince Harry meeting Melania and making devil hand sign

All eyes have been on Prince Harry during the Invictus Games in Toronto, possibly hoping to see him blow a cheeky kiss to a certain Miss Markle.

No such luck yet, but that obviously hasn't stopped one utterly bonkers theory from emerging.

Also present at the games was FLOTUS Melania Trump , whom he had to sit with rather than his actor girlfriend .

If it was disappointment Harry felt at the seating plan, then he hid it well - especially given the fact Donald Trump once made some very unsavoury remarks about his sister-in-law. Awkward.

Nevertheless, both Melania and Harry seemed to enjoy a 20 minute meeting.

Enter the conspiracy theories.

In photos of that meeting it apparently looks like Harry is making a devil sign with his hands.

It's a bit harsh describing the (current) fifth-in-line to the throne as "the anti-christ", not to mention possibly treasonous.

The sign of the horns, or 'El Diablo sign' is a hand gesture which has taken on a variety of meanings and uses in various cultures throughout time.

Of course, a photo only captures a split-second image - however, as the clip below shows, he does hold the post for quite a while.

Meghan Markle DOES attend Invictus Games with Prince Harry but royal has to sit with Melania Trump instead

There could be an alternative theory though (aside from the fact it's just how he was holding his hand).

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