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Prince's ex-wife It was the most bizarre relationship ever 2

RouTe (22 April 2016, 18:17)
Bizarrely, within days of losing their son the couple went on the Oprah Winfrey show and pretended he was still alive. She says now they were simply unable to process the death..

“We had to show people that we were strong, that we had faith, and that we would try again,” she adds.

“But I didn’t really want to speak to anybody. I was physically distraught. When you miscarry your body is freaking out, like ‘Why can’t I feed the baby?’ so those were the things I went through. Every day was a struggle even to breathe.”
Mayte and Tommy Lee Romance: With Tommy Lee from Motley Crue

After she and Prince separated in 2000 she began a two-year relationship with Mötley Crüe rocker Tommy Lee. Two years ago she adopted her daughter, Gia, now three-and-a-half.

Today at 41, Mayte is tanned and fit. Refusing to be known merely as “Prince’s ex wife” she is now a bona fide Hollywood actress and has landed a leading role in the widely hyped new US ABC series, Kingmakers.

She plays the wife of a senator and says the show is “scandalous, fun and full of twists and turns”.

When not acting, Mayte (pronounced “My-Tay, not “Matey” as I inadvertently call her) rescues animals. She has set up two dog sanctuaries and has six dogs, two cats and five birds at her LA home.

So although Prince, now 57, wasn’t the only eccentric in their relationship, it must have been an odd life being, well, Mrs Prince at Paisley Park, his famous 70,000 sq ft mansion in Minneapolis. queen: Mayte struts her stuff

For one thing, in 1993 he had changed his name to that unpronounceable symbol following a row with his record label. You had to say The Artist Formerly Known As Prince (soon abbreviated to TAFKAP).

So in four years of marriage Mayte never actually addressed her husband as anything at all. Ever.

“We never had any pet names, and I don’t think in the whole time we were together I called him anything, which I guess is a bit weird,” she confesses.

“I never called him Prince because I wanted him to be a person to me, not the man behind Purple Rain. Plus, technically, I was married to the Symbol. Our house was full of them, but I just couldn’t say the word. When we got married it was much easier. If someone else was there I could say, ‘Could I speak to my husband please?’ ”
New life: With her adopted daughter Gia

Neither did they ever go out on a date. “I doubt any woman ever has... he’s not really a cinema kinda guy,” she says.

Although the 5ft 2in singer wore specially made high heels at all times, even at home, she says that at heart he wasn’t self-conscious about his lack of height.

Mayte, 5ft 5ins in her stockinged size five feet, says: “When I was with him he always wore these little stiletto heels – I don’t know what size he was but I could put my feet into his shoes.

“But I never felt his insecurity in height. You didn’t see it because he was who he was. He’s also really, really, really funny, which most people don’t realise. This is why so many people fall for him. Prince never, ever mentioned it except to say he wished he was taller so he could play basketball. He was actually a really great basketball player.”

With a music studio and nightclub inside the marital home, their daily routine was a world turned upside down, going to bed at 6 or 7am and not surfacing until past midday.

“Sleep is over-rated,” laughs Mayte. “When you’re creating, travelling and having the best time of your life the last thing on your mind is sleep.

Prince's Illuminati ring (left) and albums art (right)

“Often we would play an arena then there would be an aftershow, and afterwards you’re not tired because you’ve got so much adrenaline going.

“We didn’t have cellphones then, and we never wore watches, so time was just never something we would think about.

“We were our own creators, and he didn’t have anyone to report to. I loved his energy, his charisma.”

She adds: “We last spoke about five years ago when I reached out to him. There is no animosity or bad blood, and he was my husband and the father of my child. So although I am not actively in love with him, I will always love him – he’s a great guy.” TO PAGE 1