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Bobbi Kristina - Bitter family battle over her millions

RouTe (05 August 2015, 4:05)
Houston vs Brown: Bitter family battle continues over who gets Bobbi Kristina's millions

13:40, 4 AUGUST 2015 BY FAY STRANG

The family have been at odds since January of this year - but who said what?

Ever since Bobbi Kristina Brown fell into a coma in January of this year – the topic of Whitney Houston’s $20million fortune has been widely discussed.

In accordance to her mother’s will Bobbi was the beneficiary of her estate and was due to receive trust fund payments up until the age of 30.

On July 26 of this year Bobbi tragically died at the young age of 22 – she had received just one of her trust fund instalments.

Now the two sides of her family - the Houstons and the Browns – have started to battle it out to see who gets what. of life: Mourners attempted to lighten the mood following the funeral of Bobbi Kristina Brown on Saturday

Meanwhile, feelings between Bobby Brown and Pat Houston may be less positive after Houston asked mourners to send money to her charity in lieu of sending flowers to Bobbi Kristina's funeral - without asking Brown.
Bobby was overheard telling some of his family that now that Krissy is gone, there is no need to keep fighting with the Houstons as all ties have died with his daughter.

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However, an insider said his sister Leolah, who shouted at Pat Houston during the funeral service, is determined to keep the feud going because she dreams of having her own reality show.
Though Brown was unhappy with his sister's decision to shout down Houston, he has told friends that Leolah can be impossible to handle.
The strife also extended to Leolah's daughter Aja Scott who told Page Six she was barred from the events by Pat Houston herself.

'I said I am her cousin on her father's side and since I'm not on the list, she won't let me in,' Scott wondered. 'Why is Pat being so secretive? She should let her friends and her family say farewell.'
Bobbi Kristina died in hospice care on July 26, about six months after she was found face-down and unresponsive in a bathtub in her suburban Atlanta townhome on January 31. Her mother was also found dead in a bath, three years ago.


Last Thursday, Bobby Brown's sister, Leolah Brown, took to her Facebook page to rant against Pat Houston whom she earlier damned for attempting to raise money for her foundation through public donations in Bobbi Kristina's name.
Then, she wrote: 'The Brown family has just learned that Marion Patricia Houston, AKA: Pat Houston, is asking for the public to send money to her foundation (The Marion P Foundation) on behalf of my niece Bobbi Kristina.
Beside Whitney: Staff at Fairview Cemetery are seen digging the gravesite of Bobbi Kristina next to her mother's grave

'She has not even sat down & spoken to my brother Bobby, who is Bobbi Kristina's father, about this. PLEASE keep your money in your pockets and give absolutely NOTHING to the Marion P foundation. Unless you don't mind supporting such an evil and dirty foundation. Lastly, keep your eyes & ears open as THE TRUTH is being revealed.'
In her latest Facebook diatribe, posted on Friday, Leolah appeared to challenge Pat Houston to face off with her publicly.

Furious tirade: Leolah Brown (left) vented her feelings very publicly about Pat Houston (pictured right, center) during Bobbi Kristina's funeral

She wrote: 'You notice, no matter what I say, Pat never says anything following, to at least defend herself? Just think about it. Use your God-given brains. If, what I was saying was untrue or just talking for no reason at all…whey would she not defend herself if I am wrong?

'…I will tell you. Because SHE CANNOT talk back to truth. She has no leg to stand on.
'Furthermore, she is not the sweet quiet person that she 'tried' so hard to make people believe she was on the Oprah show. She would like the public to think that..but she is very good and polished on keeping her composure when she is under the microscope.'

Leolah went on to claim: 'Whitney and I spoke on this on many occasions – so don't let her fool you. Although she is being quiet, she is indeed heated right now! Because her world is tumbling down!'
In the lengthy and rambling post Leolah stated: 'She is actually in shock right now J because a Brown is usually silent. If you check my record: 'I never have said anything until Whitney was murdered and now my niece Bobby Kristina!...I play no games nor pull any punches when it comes to the truth! I am ready on any given day. And she could come any way she would ever choose. She will be at the bottom. This is why she is quiet and refuse (sic) to comment of fight me on anything I say!'