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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
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How to register

To register go to registration page and fill the form correctly.
You must enter a login, it's a sort of username you will use to connect to the website do not divulge it to anyone as it is private and others will not see it when you are logged in. You have the option to enter your username, that will appear on the website and will be your identity (what people know you by).
Please note if you leave this field empty, it will take the value of your login by default. Next chose your password and enter your email address. Enter a valid email address as we may send you a confirmation code you must acknowledge to validate your account with us ! After registration, you can use your login and password to be connected, you must not forget them.

You might also be prompted to verify a visual code (CAPTCHA code), the code is an image with numbers / letters. You must enter the letters you see in the image or solve a simple mathematics question in the field opposite the image or below the image. This is to make sure it's not a robot trying to open an account.

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