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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
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What's the need of private message ?

From the private message page you may send messages to other members of the website. This allow you to communicate privately with other members. The private message system has three distinct box :
  • Received box where all messages sent to you are shown (new or old).
  • Sent box where all messages you send are stored (it shows whether the recipient opened the message you sent or did not open it).
  • Archive box contain the messages you sent to the archive for future reading. Note, only 50 messages are stored in the received box, old messages are deleted automatically.
  • Options are explained below (blacklist and automatic response).

Blacklist members in your blacklist cannot send you private message. Messages of people in your blacklist are deleted automatically. However, he / she will not be aware of that, the message he / she sends are displayed in his / her sent box but they are not displayed in your received box.
Automatic response allow you to send a automatic reply to a member who send you a message. To use it you must activate it in the private message option and write your automatic reply. This option is helpful if you are on holiday and your automatic reply will make this known to those trying to reach you.

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